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Best Long Formal Dresses Ideas

Here could be a formal dress that’s an all-time classic and still works today. It could be a nice idea for bridesmaids dresses.

This clever dress truly leads a double life. It’s design offers it the unique ability to be worn long to the ankle or as short as you like. It is one that does not need to pay most of its life within the closet. It converts into a short length with the drop of a skirt.

The secret of this straightforward slender dress is that the second skirt which is connected to a slip of lining and is worn underneath the short dress.

When worn along, they provide a tunic like effect. To convert to the short length, the 0.5-slip is removed and with it the hooked up lower skirt.

This idea isn’t for flared, full or bouffant skirts. But, it works superbly on slim straight skirts or dresses.

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