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Fascinating High Waisted Bathing Suits

A high waist bikini from the Nineteen Fifties may be thought-about retro or vintage however that wasn’t continuously the case. The modern bikini is an invention of the twentieth century brought upon by changing shifts in society and fashion. The swimwear of girls in the early twentieth century was very completely different than today. The shift was accelerated in mid-century by the appearance of the bikini that rocked the fashion world with the facility of the atomic bomb after that it was named.

Throughout history swimming and bathing several times were done nude. There are examples from Greek times, like the murals in Pompeii of the Roman goddess Venus, or different areas around that point, where you’ll see women sporting what look like the high waisted swimwear from 1969. Then over the centuries sporting clothes whereas swimming went out of fashion until the eighteenth century when women wore swimsuits created out of long dresses called “bathing robes” that had weights as parts of the hems therefore that the robes didn’t float up in the water. By 1910 attitudes were changing towards ladies swimwear and form-fitting single swim items became well-liked, however only after Annette Kellerman, an Australian swimmer and performer was place into jail after she wore a type-fitting one piece suit on a Boston beach in 1907. The inclusion of women’s swimming into the Olympics and also the changes in fashion it impressed was one of the explanations why ladies’s swimwear, including high waisted bathing suits, became increasingly revealing and sensible over the years.

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